Saturday, March 19, 2022

Encaustic: Exquisite Corpse Book

Exquisite Corpse Book

Encaustic: Exquisite Corpse Book

Explore the fascinating unbounded rich medium of encaustic!

Create luminous encaustic bound collages with an expert guide. We will each make a book based on Picture Consequences, the visual version of the Surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse (wherein a collection of words is collectively assembled). As a child did you have a book in which the pages were cut into thirds, the top third of the pages showing the head of a person or animal, the middle third the torso, and the bottom third the legs? We will compose our books with a least 8 individual drawings that we produce in class. We can use all our own images in the book or trade some with classmates. Encaustic wax medium will be the binding material for the drawings on Sumi paper adhered to “Encaustiflex.” Our covers will be made of cotton quilt batting saturated with wax medium. We will use eyelets and binder rings to put it all together.

Meets: (2) days Saturday & Sunday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (6-hour duration) (1-hour lunch break will be scheduled each day)
Dates: Mar. 19 & 20 in 2022
Location: Private Studio in Tucson, Arizona 85719, (Directions will be emailed by the instructor prior to the first day of class)

Instructor: Sherrie Posternak
Format: Lecture & demonstration with plenty of individual feedback or one-on-one instruction, provided during hands-on studio practice.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate, all levels are welcome!

Medium: Encaustic plus Mixed Media
Technique: Specific to encaustic, using mixed media, and a simple binding technique.
Materials: No materials are needed, this includes the use of studio equipment, tools, all consumable materials, a six-page resource guide, and a workshop outline. Bring notepaper, pen or pencil, a pair of scissors, X-Acto knife, or box cutter with sharp blades. Please wear closed-toed shoes and an apron, while working in the studio.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Seeing in Full Color!

Seeing in Full Color!

Seeing in Full Color!

Do you want to create luminous color in your paintings? Learn to see the full color of what is truly there so that you can paint it. Lighting conditions, atmosphere, and the surrounding environment affect an object’s color and shadow.

There are a variety of methods used to create convincing colors in a painting. However, there is no formula. A few tips on what to look for, combined with careful observation, will help you notice an object’s subtle color nuances. Capturing the full range of color and color relationships will make your artwork sing! Take your artwork to the next level, no matter what style you prefer.

Meets: (4) Mondays 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Dates: Mar. 14, 21, 28 & Apr. 4 in 2022
Location: TPS Art Center (2447 N. Los Altos, Tucson, Arizona 85705)

Instructor: Lisa Larrabee
Format: Lecture & demonstration, studio practice with individual feedback or one-on-one instruction.
Level: Beginner to intermediate, all levels are welcome!

Medium: Oil paint, acrylic, watercolors, and pastels or pastel pencils are all welcome!
Technique: Observing and painting from life and photo reference.
Materials The instructor will email the materials list prior to the first day of class. Note that painters must use drop cloths over tabletops, oil painters are specifically required to use Gamsol or odorless mineral spirits & dispose of their oily rags in a flammable waste can.

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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Creative Pathways (March 2022)

Creative Pathways (March 2022)

Creative Pathways (March 2022)

Do you want to be in the driver’s seat but also have guidance and support to help you along your artistic journey? Creative Pathways combines an open studio experience with an instructor who leads constructive, structured critiques that include group discussions, one-to-one instruction and optional exercises to push you to the next level.

Meets: (3) Saturdays 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Dates: Mar. 5, 12, & 19 in 2021
Location: TPS Art Center (2447 N. Los Altos, Tucson, Arizona 85705)

Instructor: Lisa Larrabee
Format: Demonstration & group critique. Studio practice with individual feedback and one-on-one instruction will be provided.

Medium: Any 2D art medium is welcome!
Technique: Short demonstrations in a variety of 2D art mediums
Materials Bring your own supplies, some materials are available for experimentation. Still life objects are available for use or bring your own reference material. Easels, drop cloths, tables & chairs are all provided. Note that all painters must use drop cloths over tabletops. Oil painters are required to use Gamsol or odorless mineral spirits at all times & dispose of their rags in the red can marked for safe disposal of solvent-soaked materials.

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