Sunday, November 3, 2019

Down to Earth Drawing Basics

Down to Earth Drawing Basics

Down to Earth Drawing Basics

Learn how to draw? Yes! It is an amazing process that will enrich your life. Discover a wide variety of tools and techniques that will help you translate your observations onto paper in a realistic manner.

Drawing is a unique, compelling form of communication! Whether a quick sketch on a napkin, schematic, or work of art, it can communicate or record your vision, ideas, designs, imagination, memory, feelings, or beliefs.

Come draw with us, we will cover simple steps to get you started! Or use this class as a refresher to practice in the studio on an assortment of natural forms. You will receive plenty of individual attention and feedback from the instructor.

Linda Chappel Drawing Demonstration

Meets: (4) Sunday Afternoons at 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM (3-hour duration)
Dates: Nov. 3, 10, 17, 24 in 2019
Location: TPS Art Center (2447 N. Los Altos, Tucson, Arizona 85705)

Instructor: Linda Chappel
Format: Demonstration, lecture, & one-on-one instruction provided during hands-on practice.
Level: Absolute Beginner, Beginner, or Intermediate, all levels are welcome!

Medium: Graphite or charcoal
Technique: Each session will focus on a different drawing technique.
Materials: The instructor will email the materials list prior to the first day of class.

Participants' Work & Demo

How to "sight size" to measure proportions

Examples of Positive & Negative Space

Participants' Work

See below.

Participant's Work

Drawing Negative Shapes

Participant's Work

Using the "sight size" to measure proportions