Saturday, September 29, 2018

Drawing the Human Figure

Drawing the Human Figure

Drawing the Human Figure

Learn how to draw the human figure? Yes! Many see it as a life-long endeavor to improve skills or as a path to learn drawing. Figure or ‘life drawing’ as it's often called is the process of drawing the human figure within a studio environment. In this class, we will draw from a live model (not using photography). Models will be nude or in a swimsuit.

Artwork by Christy Olsen

This class is open to all levels from beginners to intermediate. Individual attention will be emphasized as we cover simple steps to get you started. The first 2 sessions lectures & demonstrations will focus on gesture, a process for laying in the pose of the model or line of action. Typical gesture practice includes a series of poses taken by a model in a short amount of time in as little as 2 minutes, or as long as 10 minutes. The last 2 sessions will focus on longer poses with demonstrations on structure and mass.

Meets: (4) Saturday Afternoons 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM (3-hour duration)
Dates: Sep. 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20 in 2018
Location: TPS Art Center (2447 N. Los Altos, Tucson, Arizona 85705)

Instructor: Christy Olsen
Format: Demonstration, lecture, & one-on-one instruction provided during hands-on practice.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Medium: All drawing mediums are welcome, demonstrations will be performed in charcoal or graphite.
Technique: Gesture Drawing and Human Structural Forms
Materials: Large drawing paper at least 14x17 or larger, charcoal or graphite pencil, and kneadable eraser. All other materials will be provided.

Live Model Dates

  • Oct. 6: Carla
  • Oct. 18: Carla

Participants Work & Demo


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Gesture Drawing & Great Reference Books

Drawing the Skeleton

Participant's Work

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Gesture Drawing